• Koats-4-Kids
  • Entrepreneuarial Workshops
  • Employment Prep Workshops
  • Letter Writing
  • Dress to Impress
We Support
  • Give Local America
  • Network for Good
  • Operation Warm
  • St. Jude’s Research
  • Disabled Veterans Association
Going Green
  • Infinite Hands Initiatives and it’s representatives comply with all business regulations to conserve energy and other vaulable resources. To be environmental stewards within our community.

About Us

The mission of Infinite Hands Initiative (IHI) is to serve individuals and families in our local community shelters. Infinite Hands Initiative programs provide a service to the underserved and aid the efforts in local shelters to protect the residents who are in transition.

Infinite Hands Initiative offers Entrepreneurial Workshops to individuals seeking stability in their personal and professional lives, and the Koats4Kids Program provides every child in a local shelter with a new coat and gloves to boost their self-esteem and protect them during the winter.

Collaborative partnerships with transitional and shelter facilities to provide community outreach services offered by Infinite Hands Initiative to host the entrepreneurial/or employment workshops. Making a change in our community by opening new small and/or home-based businesses that provide services and products that complements the community and strengthen the economy.

Responding to community needs and servicing the underserved families in transition. Small and home-based businesses greatly benefit the communities where they operate. Employment Prep and Entrepreneurial Workshops are scheduled upon request.


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Our Gurantee

Infinite Hands Initiative guarantees to support clients beyond the class by providing direct contact information to seeking additional information necessary in starting a home base business. Infinite Hands Initiatives success is based solely on the success of our clients. Providing recent clients business products, services and training specifically for small or home base businesses as they become available.

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