About Us

IHI’s Koats-4- Kids Program provides new winter coats and gloves to children in local shelters to help offset absenteeism due to flu and other cold-weather illnesses. Recently providing 162 new coats and gloves enabled more child(ren) to attend school regularly and Boost the kid's self-esteem.

Koats4Kids Program provides children in local shelters with a new coat and pair of gloves during the winter season to protect them from during the cold and flu season through the Koats4Kids Project. Koats4Kids Program has provided several hundred pairs of new gloves and a new coat to provide every child on the facilities roster with warm outwear during the winter season.

Employment Prep Workshops will be offered to facilities that request them and partner with Infinite Hands Initiative to cover the cost of materials and graduation event.

Thank You Letter Writing & Why
Dress to Impress & Interview for the Job You Seek

IHI’s Entrepreneurial and Employment Prep Workshops facilitates partnering shelters offering hands-on workshops free of charge to individuals. Workshop completion and the graduation ceremony clients self-sufficiency as new business owners contributing to their community.

Entrepreneurial Workshops promote self-sufficiency in starting a new business and/or seeking employment or a higher position on their current job. The Entrepreneurial Workshops empower clients by providing hand-on workshops that enable clients to start a new home based business or ad structure to a current business that enables them to achieve financial and personal independence. Extending the Entreprenurial Workshops to motivated individuals, who by no fault of their own, are economically disadvantaged and in transition. Our hands-on workshops make the process exciting and rewarding.

Mission Statement

Infinite Hands Initiative (IHI) mission is to provide a service to the underserved and aid the efforts in local shelters to protect the residents who are in transition. Infinite Hands Initiative offers Entrepreneurial Workshops to individuals seeking stability in their personal and professional lives. The Koats4Kids Program provided children in local shelters a new coat and gloves to protect them from the winter season and help boost their self-esteem.

Collaborative partnerships with transitional facilities and community outreach centers to host the entrepreneurial and employment workshops. Making change in our community by opening new small or home based businesses that provide services and products to complement the community and strengthen the economy.

Our Guarantee

IHI will provide each client(s) with products or service(s) provided and agreed on. IHI's success is based solely on the evaluations and assessments on the Koats4Kids and Entrepreneurial Workshops. After each event evaluations requests will be forwarded to facility directors for completion.