I took an entrepreneurial class facilitated by Infinite Hands Initiative. It was a really great experience for me. I never thought I could own my own business, but this class empowered me with a vision of my own business. I learned so much. I participated in the Shark tank to present about my business. Since then, I've made some great steps towards putting energy into my business. I have developed a small client base at this time to offer Reiki services (holistic relaxation technique). I have a logo that was created for my business, I have a FB page that I use for marketing, and I'm dedicated to doing something daily for my business. I have a photo shoot this Saturday to showcase my business and on Sunday I have my first interview on blog talk radio (online show) to talk about my business. I am excited. I want to thank Infinite Hands Initiative (Karen and Angie) for sharing their passion with me and sparking the entrepreneurial spirit within me. Many blessings -peace_full01-

"I've seen the founder of IHI, Karen Carter, give not only professionally but personally. Karen is passionate about serving the public and empowers us with her workshops. She transforms the lives of people she helps. May her organization be a model for other groups." -Monica56-

"My first time in this class was oct 26 2013 and it was life changing in my three classes i have learned that the dream of having my own business was real and the tools they have taught me in a short time have been priceless as of today m I'm on my way to starting my business i am a survivor of 30 years of domestic violence and i to will survive the business world as well thank you Karen for the knowledge you have given me." -Rhayes1966-

I have volunteered with many nonprofit organizations in Houston, TX, and Infinite Hands has left the most positive impression in my mind. Mrs. Carter was a pleasure to work with/for. The whole concept behind IHI is love, dedication and appreciation. This organization will be around for years to come. -Bettyboop88-

Infinite Hands helped me start my home business. Ms. Karen walked me through each step of becoming successful. There were times I was ready to throw in the towel and she was there to help me through my frustrations. My business is thriving thanks to her. I would still be in the "idea" stages if it were not for Infinite Hands and Ms. Karen. -bbrown1216-

Even in its infant stage, Infinite Hands Initiative was enriching lives. I have watched this organization grow to become a great asset in its community in a very short time. Karen's passion to help others to realize their dreams is very evident in her daily work. She works tirelessly to ensure that those that want to succeed will see their dreams come to fruition. Her dedication, hard work and passion for helping others is going to continue to make this a very successful organization. -TaShawna W.-

I volunteer with Infinite Hands Iniative because I believe in its purpose and goals. To empower people with knowledge and skills they need to succeed. The classes are informative and easy to understand. The instructors are phenominal. It is rewarding to see the lives we touch change in a positive way. All of the participants work really hard to set and accomplish their goals. By the end of each class session those goals are met and the students are equipped to move forward with their dreams and aspirations. The life skills class is just that, life skills. It is a pleasure volunteering with Infinite Hands Initiative and I look forward to working along side Ms. Carter for many years to come. -jonka-

"I have watched Infinite Hands grow since Mrs. Carter first started it and it's amazing how she has built this program from the ground up! Talented, self-driven and a woman of boundless energy and abilities she is the perfect example of putting others ahead of her own needs and striving to make a difference in her community! We need more like her and we need more involved in Infinite Hands! This is a life changing program that should be available to all!" -PhyllisD-

Ms. Carter was very nice & kind, her class was very helpfull to understand, about starting a new bussines . LOVE HER CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!! -Nena-

Infinite Hands Initiative was conceived from love. Ms. Carter puts her heart and soul into helping others, always trying to forsee the needs before they happen. Her dedication is admired and should be duplicated by others who yearn to serve. -Barb54-